Monday, May 11, 2009

walk till you legs bleed !

okayy I'm back from johor . you know we were suppose to come back yesterday but nooo parents says come lets stay a night . so we did . then we met this couple in the wedding . my dad and this guy has so much in common that they invited us over their place . gahh their house is like a malay house but expanded . 6 big dogs and if they actually jump they will be able to push me down soo really scary xD . haha that scared my uncle we laughed all the way

from the left : my uncle , auntie , the couple we met , groom , bride , brride's father , dad , mom and i :)

and this guy has so much passion in what he does as in landscaping and he collects so many types of plants different breeds and all . it was pretty cool . i got pics but will post them later . omg you people better appreciate the pic , cause while taking it there were tons of mosquitoes bitting me at the same time . my legs was soo uglyy ! i'll try to get the pics soon :)

but i was like its okay i just have to wait for the camera to take the pic then i can get out of there . haha I'll also post a picture of the pain i had to go through while taking the pic . but i didn't regret it , the garden was really gorgeous ! :)

got to this temple and they had this super huge fish . lol ppl kept on touching it believing that it will bring good luck . and this place has a saying that ppl will ask for 4 digits for 4d or toto and the ones that strike 4d writes the number down on the wall . didnt take a pic of the wall but i took a pic of my mom trying to get the number xD

had a couple of pics in the wedding . i look weird so don't pay attention to that but the bride that is one of my dad's staff looks really great .

xoxo's !


JonyBr said...

Nice pics, the fish is really big :O

rina said...

haha yeahh they are super huge . xD i wonder what they fed to the fish .

JonyBr said...

I hope not the humans hehehe

rina said...

haha you may never know xD