Saturday, May 9, 2009

when im gone ..

i might be going to batu pahat for some wedding . its soo farr . then will be coming home at night soo if i do have pics I'll blog them tomorrow yea ? oh wait my dad and i like brought the sewing machine from the store room and my dad was like

dad : hey how bout we do some sewing ?

rina : hmm idk ? lol for ?

dad : for fun :) i can make a bag for you

rina : I'm sure you can :P lol

dad : really . come I'll bring all my old clothes then we can make your bag

rina : i got nothing to do anyways . soo okay :)

yesterday was wesak day soo happy wesak day to the Buddhist :) last night i went to brickfield's temple to pray . later we went to pay our respects to one of the reveren that passed away 3 years ago . later we went to look at some of one of my dad's projects that he had done for the temple a long time ago .

haha I'll post up a picture of the end result . and omg the sewing machine is soo annoying the string keeps on coming out and bla bla . then my dad will be like alahhh ! . rina put it back . wthh he says alahh but i end up putting it back xD

tadaaa ! :) like it ? lol it was made from one of my old pants . haha it took long to do .

oh yeah i have a worthless person in my chatbox . you know i have this saying for you . don't like me don't visit my blog kay ? :) its meant for my friends not for people like you . you wanna grab attention from me this isn't the way . its pretty immature . lol but then you still wanna waste your time on my blog for ? i don't care bout what you think of me yea . you don't know anything
about my life so you have no say to comment about it .

anyways lets not pay too much of my time on this fella . and back to me . i might wanna join charms and trying to find out more about it . in the mean time my violin teacher asked me to join this orchestra . haha in a way she is making me join . i have to audition . i have no confidence in that . but most probably i'll be going for it . wish me luck ! :)

i'll post later . xoxo !


JonyBr said...

Thats so cute, ur dad sewing a bag for u, will love to see the pics

rina ho :) said...

haha yea i know :) it was a random thing haha .