Monday, May 4, 2009

do you know the muffin man ?

this morning was a lil tiring cause well guess I'm not all that well yet . had my sore throat in the morning but it was better than yesterday :) . got up in the morning to send my bro to his first day of form 1 . lol he still looks small to me . anyways i went and see my classmates that are going on form 5 :P gave them some chocolate chips muffins ! haha

i baked them like a day ago for fun then realized since I'm no longer going to the school can always give them muffins :P hope you guys liked them . anyways thanks fahmi & faishal for the cute coach keychain ! :) love it .

gahh I'll miss you guys alot although we only known each other for about 4 months ? but it was great . have fun yeahh and good luck for your studies for o'levels . i might drop by now and then if I'm free yea ? don't take it as if its forever we can always go out or meet up :) and keep in touch

after that i got home bath the cat and the dog , played with the bunny . lol cute bunny . haha then played monopoly with my dad and i lost haha . got bankrupt :P hmmm started cooking :) curry puffs this is the first time i tried to cook it myself haha and it turned out great . i will take a pic of it to show you how it turned out like yea ?

thats all for today . nights !
mwackxx ....

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