Tuesday, May 19, 2009

i wouldnt mind if your a witch !

i watched the covenant today . i will give the movie a 9 / 10 for the movie . though its a pretty old movie but its good . :) lol i find the cast hot ! dont yea think ? anyways later after that i read 2 chapters of my harry potter book ( one of the latest ones ) and bath my dog . nothing much then studied a lil for my test tomorrow .
come to think of it i still haven't practise my violin . other than that enjoy the pics from the covenant :) i must bore you people at a certain level now but i have nothing to blog about now . well practically nothing happen much today . I'll take more pics tomorrow when i go to sis :)

lol :)

xoxo's !


JonyBr said...

Oh ok, i ll look for the movie. I watched The Star Trek yesterday, its a great movie

rina said...

haha oh okay . but the covenant is something to do with witches something like twilight but better :)