Monday, May 11, 2009

i hope im not too late because ...

i wanna wish my mom HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY !!

might not have done much for my mom cause well i havent gone out for awhile to get her stuff. but i did spend my time with her practically the whole day . had some laughs here and there . it was nice :) and she actually camwhored with me for awhile xD
though at times you get me angry here and there but your doing it for the best of me i guess .
i wouldnt be here without you and met any of my friends without you . well you sent me to srikl and now to sunway .
but i just wanna say i love you so much :) your the most important person to me and it will stay that way . we had lots of fun when im on my holidays well till now cause my holidays havent ended yet .

my day havent actually started yet . soo i might be blogging later yea :)
xoxo's !


JonyBr said...

Haha the second pic is cute. Happy Mothers day to ur mom and all the mom's in the world.

rina said...

haha yeah i know :) i love her lots .