Tuesday, May 12, 2009

your a born loser ..

whoever you are " guest " whom doesn't dare to show his / her name . to me your not a guest your more of a menace . this is my blog and i have every rights to do what i want to my blog and further more you have no rights to comment about the way i look or the way i am . throwing lies at me is not helping you , for all i know your worst than me . what makes you think that your any better than me . by doing whatever your doing its making you look bad than you trying to make me look bad .

this pic represents you dont yea think ?

your just trying to grab attention which makes you hopeless , lifeless , useless , worthless , callous , presumptuous and implacable . further more your just embarrassing yourself. if you hate me so much then don't visit my blog . doesn't that make sense ? . it comes to show your interested in what i have to say and do in my blog . and this amuses you . only a person with a low IQ would find this entertaining .

i love this dog haha but sadly it isn't mine . the one on your right is my cousin btw :)

anyways lets leave that as that . i have bout one month plus of free time . I'm not doing much today . I'm sorry to my readers for the retard that tends to come back to my blog . so far i have been studying with all this free time . other than that i have been taking care of my dog . he takes up most of my time . cleaning him up and all . but no complaints here i love my dog :)

this is my dog . well i don't have his pic in this com soo will post another

i cant wait for school to start . its been too long of holidays for me . most probably will be going for some classes and this gives me more time to practise my violin . like i said before my teacher wants me to join the orchestra cause she wants me to get the experience . kinda a once in a lifetime opportunity soo might be taking that .

that's all i've got for today . later !



JonyBr said...

You will find alot of such ppl. Dont worry about them or care. Like u said a blog is meant to be personal and u write what u want, never be influenced about what ppl want u to be or write. they dont deserve ur time.

and good luck with ur violin and orchestra :)

rina said...

haha yea i know . just soo annoyed that people like them exist . i always try to ignore all this nonscense but just had to ask them to bug off . anyways thanks :) we'll see what happens