Friday, June 5, 2009

I'd come for you ! :)

the days pass so does the feeling
it comes to a dead end where i have to turn back and return to where i was
i am there left walking alone along the stretch road .

i have looked everywhere for you but all i found is others living happily
not sure how long i could take of this long search
just hope its all worth it .

caprice ! (:

hey (: i have been through alot and a lil busy taking care of my dog since he isnt feeling so well these couple of days . lately i have just been sitting at home or doing stuff for my mom .
havent gone out in a very long while and its starting to bother me . but anyways i have more pictures from that day . and still waiting to receive more slowly (:

sorry havent been blogging lately but all i have been doing is just thinking alot . with all this free time it has made me do this serious thinking about everything my past , present and future . dont know what is gonna become of me with all this . well it hurts in a way . anyways not gonna let in more details lets just get to the pictures (:

wanna be's !

yenlin (:

xoxo's !

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