Sunday, March 21, 2010

when your hot then your cold ..

the poor thing fell asleep on my lappie (:

another day in school . you know you get those mornings that you feel so tired to wake up to another day of school or work. i'm sooo tired today . can barely stay awake thats for sure . its just one of those days. yes i had alot of assignments to do . especially printing out and handing it in by tomorrow. i really didnt feel like blogging for the pass few days cause well there's nothing much to blog about.

my super gay friend decided to be bitchy today, yeshh its super annoying . it's like i'm tired, as well as tons of assignments that are 80% complete that needs to be done by today but i still put a good face . i hate it when people let out all their stress and emotions out on you and make you look like the bad one in the end . its not like im the one that pissed you off.

yes you know im very into cheer . and there's also tons of things for me to finish up . further more i have the responsibility to bring up the whole team . what kind of stress you think i am in now ? i have quit some of my activities just to make room to do cheer and as well as choreograph the dance and so on . i dont expect you to do the same as i am but just being there to support me . this is my freaking first time being captain and its freaking stressing me out . as a best buddy i expected you to be the shoulder that helps boost me up during these times .

haihh i dont know . i dont hate you but i just dislike your attitude today . hmmm anyways i got home and got Summer and Winter to cheer me up a little (: . they are my 2 new baby squirrels that i just gotten remember .



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