Thursday, March 11, 2010

on the radio, stereo the way you move aint fair you know ..

i know this is cheesy but im gonna say it anyways :) it's gonna be my second month with my bf ! lol i know its only 2 months but what the heck i deserve to be happy and this blog is what i will cherish when i grow older and look back upon my past. all these little things excite's me .

today was hilarious i feel like a freaking small kid . i saw one of my friends with heely's (: im pretty sure everyone knows what that is anyways after seeing it . i then remembered i had a pair myself but thats when i was pretty young . when i got home i put my bags in my room and then start searching for them till 7 pm . yesh i didnt managed to find it . lol i know this is ridiculous but i really wanted to play with them since i havent been doing that for years now ?

i wouldnt care if i was weird to others . if i prefer to dress or be different . because that's me (: just not like everyone else but me . odd little me , yes my bf agree's that im odd but he still loves me . haha ! he's weird for loving weird people .

tomorrow's the last day of school and then 1 week holidays ! i also heard mr.nathan is finally leaving srikl after soo long . lol he must have really love the school . tmrw is also dress down day . so still not sure what i plan to wear . but will figure it out soon enough


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Random Ideas said...

Heely's rule!! Ha ha ha, I love your blog. Keep up the great posting!