Sunday, March 14, 2010

there's no surprise i wont see you tomorrow ..

sorry guys dont feel like posting anything today but its just a quick recap ..

yesterday i went to bangsar with 3 of my grandparents . lol it was very hard to move around since they can only walk in a slow pace so we walked around bangsar village then dropped them off at the thai massage centre . lol when we picked them up they were so happy xD so adorable really . then we had tea at chatterbox . the food there is not bad (: . look for cars since mom wanted to change it and then head home.

today we went to look at houses (: though the houses nowadays are like average mostly up to 2 million and above . my parents are slowly making up their mind and looking at other places . i only brought 2 of my grandparents . we went to subang parade for tea and then to the electrical store where we spent at least 2 hours just because my mom was a very slow decision maker. picked up my dog from the vet and head home . didnt really do much really other than seeing the houses .

funny thing is i havent finish one assignment yet their all half way done :O kill me ! there is still 7 days till school starts :(


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