Wednesday, March 3, 2010

nobody really know's .

at last found out that my baby's all right . well not soo all right but okay (: i think many people flunk the chemistry test cause most of them handed in 1 page blank . although i finish it . all thats written is crap . all full of crap . i did study but towards the end i sort of died .. but anyways now that's over . i have to just finish my lab report and im done .

cheer is tomorrow . though ms.shanon found out that i wanted to use her drama mats for cheer . i mean i havent asked her yet. was planning to but i was thinking bout the inconvenience to bring the mats outside then after that bring it back . but anyways she called me aside and was giving me the bitch talk .

shanon : i heard you want to use the mats for your cheerleading ? * in the most sarcastic way

me : erm yeah but i'm not sure that i want to

shanon : cause you know they are my mats and the mats are not leaving the drama room and you never even asked me for permission to use the room in the first place .

me : okay ? but i didnt even use it

shanon : well who is your teacher in charge ? do you even have a teacher in charge ?

me : yes i do and she's ms. kim * rolled eyes

shanon : oh okay, you know if you really want to use my room you should have ask me earlier cause i have drama on mondays and you cant use the room

me : i dont think i want to use your room cause im not going to throw people through the ceiling now would i ?

among all the teacher's she is one of the worst annoying ones trust me . she can just bitch talk you with that " acting " drama stuff. pity the husband mr. gregory well thats his problem . the conver continues till i said i'm not planning to use your room. thank god she wasnt my cheer teacher. i nearly did cause she' s into the whole drama and dance thing ? but whatever . all my cheerleaders agreed well most of them that ms kim is better than ms shanon . she's like this all the time . hate her attitude . but what am i to judge im not that perfect either. i have my flaws as well .

i have this thing that cant change . i usually become paranoid when it comes to work , friends and others. it's really bad but im trying to change . it's really hard but well i have to try rite ? gah and many other flaws . i admit im not that perfect but i accepted it and willing to change for the better.

that's practically my day .. the rest is all boring


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