Tuesday, March 2, 2010

cant believe it ..

omg !! i'm freaking worried now . first i found out that i have forgotten bout the chemistry test tomorrow but already studied for it and now my sick baby doesnt pick up the phone on me . i really hope you'd get better . i dont know if he's in the hospital or not . gah me and my paranoia . he doesnt let me visit him cause he wants me to study -.- okay fine after school . nooo . i dont feel secured with whatever you say till i see it for myself . i know you care alot but you cant be saying everything's okay when its not . that's till i say its okay .

i'm left with my oh so many thoughts with the things that could possibly happen ...


Colleen Courtney said...

Aw, that's sweet! I hope he feels better soon.

eileen said...

Why the heck you keep rambling about that nerd you got yourself as a boyfriend?
"awww baby is sick"... pointless! Who cares?
Or at least, tell us some interesting stuff... Is he well endowed where it matters most? Or is he pathetically tiny, like most asians :(

rina said...

please this is my blog anyways . if you dont like it then dont read it . i never bothered much if anyone reads it but its what i want to write . its my life and you dont control whatever i choose to put in . he's my asian boyfriend and you have no say to it .

Gracey said...

Wow, some people are just rude. rina - ignore them.

Love isn't about big or small or even choice. It's way bigger and way sweeter than that. Love who you love and never mind what others say.