Wednesday, March 17, 2010

unforgettable !

had a fabulous day with the bf (: was out with my cousin , her bf , my bf , me and chryssa (: haha i know its freaking awkward at first but it was fine towards the end (: we watch 2 movies today the first one is " from paris with love " and " Up in the air " LOL both movies were awesome and unexpected (: . thought it was gonna be boring but it was okay .

then my bf parents sent me home . omg i thought they were gonna hate me cause seriously they were the ones that were so against him dating me . though they have never met me before . so okay sat in the car & talk to his siblings . and after dropping him and his siblings off it was just me, chryssa and the parents . well they chat with me for abit till i reached home that is. it seems that they thought i was nice hmmm . well the whole outing was perfect to me and wouldnt forget any minute of it .

sadly i couldnt sleep at all . but he was there (: im so lucky . i wouldnt wanna change anything . my life is at its perfect state . and now i have to take care of 2 baby squirrels


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