Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mein Kampf !

this is the plant :D

i have a gay buddy ! (: and no the buddy isnt a girl . lol its a guy . haha it's nice sometimes your able to tell stuff and really open up without judgement . just not getting people laughing about it , admire , hate and so on . and that gay buddy is * drumrolls " brandon gavin jawi " haha i know weird name but he's cool . i know i can count on him for most things like example he's joining my cheerleading team . and has alot of experience so at least i have someone well verse in cheer and stuff :P and i found out that my team since it's co-ed & international , the team will have to take the international competition that is ISKL , CHARM all stars and so on O.o goshh . i wonder whats the level of competition .

other than that . idk how i did this but part of my locker handle the one that supports the door of the locker came out ;P haha dont ask me how i did this but it came out . so annoying . now it's freaking hard to open and close it when im in a rush for example today . i had so many things to accomplish that was given and had to be passed up on the same day .

have tons of assignments due after the holidays ! (: school's giving one week holiday so at least i get a break from all the school stuff and will take my undang " driver's writing test " and probably decorate my box. you guys know im currently having my own business in sunway pyramid . selling mini plants in an air tight bottle (: so i have to start doing my work and stuff.

not only that i will have to start playing my guitar / violin / piano . and have to see the bf of course :) most probably will go out with him or something next week . thats bout it .

xoxo's !


brett said...
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Anonymous said...

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I'll definitely be following.

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rina said...
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tasflowrance said...

Thank you for this good topic

Anonymous said...

Woman i ain't gay!
Love brandon :) hhahaha
love you babes!