Sunday, March 28, 2010

been there , done that !

i nearly lost winter today . when i was feeding him he just jumped out of my hand and disappeared . he has always been the curious and naughty one too . and im pretty sure this isnt the last time he's gonna dash out again . the naughty fella .

other than that nothing much has been done except homework and stuff . i went for this charity dinner last night in a temple in brickfields . its suppose to be this sri lanka food and it was suppose to be really nice . but ended up we didnt get half the things that was stated in the menu and the food suck . i rather eat in the mamak than eat that food . lol and we paid rm1000 for the whole dinner . geez but anyways its suppose to be for charity for the new building so whatever .

not only that im having these coupons that im suppose to sell . rm10 per coupon . its on 25th of April , Sunday . in brickfield sunday school temple . and its this family day thing . also going to be given to charity . LOL if anybody's interested contact me yea ?

other than that i nothin much really occurred during my holidays . same old . i watched alice in wonderland and that sucked . remember me is another boring and emo story . goshh all the movie sucks now . lucky i didnt go to the theater's to watch . it wouldnt be worth it .