Friday, March 5, 2010

Alarm clocks kill dreams !

to some blogger eileen you guys can read what she had to comment on my recent post its on the " cant believe it " post . i dont know who you are to judge asian people but no he isnt tiny . firstly i dont like to be judge with what i put in this . i treat this blog as my diary in a way public diary . i dont include much detail but its practically the main topic . my life isnt always full of drama but if you expect more than i could give then you shouldn't be reading this blog at all

back to the post . yes i love my asian boyfriend alot . i dont expect anyone to understand that . but im sure you do have a guy in your life that makes you feel special . whether he's fat , thin , tall , short , pretty , hot , ugly, geeky and so on . he is what makes you happy . i really like the fact he's always looking out for me . and i haven't been seeing him for more than 3 weeks . you cant blame me from being so whinny when i describe him .

now ms shanon the drama teacher acts as if she's interested in my cheerleading squad. im not sure she really cares but whatever . bringing up a team is seriously hard especially when i have half the team not experience and have no what so ever in gymnastics and dancing . but i did promised myself that im gonna whip them up to awesome cheerleaders that's for sure . and who knows maybe someone will lead on my legacy once i leave this school .

my body was seriously aching from all the jumping around . geez feel like an old lady . guess im not as fit as i used to be but thats gonna change . i am so gonna get my licence . haha i been bringing this up many times but i am truly excited . once i get it i will be close to freedom . life has been treating me well . other than that there's the osslt exam that i will have to sit on 9th April that is 2 days after my birthday . pretty sad i know but i cant do much bout it . doubt i will be celebrating this year but most probably the following year.


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