Monday, March 15, 2010

so give me a reason to live .

im freaking depress . it's like the fact that no matter how happy you choose to be it just have to end with depression . it f*cking sucks . it's like life has plan every way to make you angry, depress, pissed off and so on . if we're suppose to live in the world thats screwed up and full of shitty attitude's then i dont see the point in living .

people say we only have one life . but whats the point if everything , well most of it is just plain old screwed up . im pretty sure everybody faces this shit everyday . whether your in school , at work , on the road , just practically anywhere . today was freaking screwed up . for some reason i dont know why im soo clumsy . and end up cutting my finger and dropping everything else .

who knows maybe today's suppose to be like one of my bad days or something . then i dont get to see my bf. all i did was do my homework and take care of the dog practically. its like what i live for or something . its just like today i end up hurting myself physically and emotionally .



FlagCorpChick said...

I have the same problems. Letting you know there are people out there just like you. Like me. The moment my life is going excellent there just has to be one thing out there that kills my joy. If you wanna chat just let me know.

A Loud Writer said...

it's just one of those days- the reason for living, is to find your reason for living, and never look back on days like this- stay strong darling...stay strong...things already looked up a few days later ;)