Thursday, March 18, 2010

its just another day ...

yesterday and today is just another day spent at home . other than me going to the gym then thats it . i havent been going to the gym for a freaking long time and feel very unfit . i'd probably do the same today . watch after summer, snow ( the 2 new squirrels i got ) and scamp ( my dog ) probably practice my violin , & study chemistry . yes very boring day but well i have to do it anyways .

i might be seeing the bf later (: well thats just maybe and well life isnt treating me as bad as it used to . its not 100% fantastic but it isnt as bad . so im happy at where im at . schools gonna start soon lol cant wait to see my buddies . i miss them to bits .

time moves slower when life is boring and still but time moves faster when it's exciting and fun.


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