Saturday, April 4, 2009

home coming , im coming !

my memories of you are kept in a box . and the memories that I'm gonna make is brought out in the open . I'm creating more memories until its time to put it in that box along with my other memories . when it comes a time for that box to be open i will remind me of what i am and used to be . when the time passes it all changes without notice .

am i that of an angel ?

hehe . i nvr use the word holla before . hmmm HOLLA !!! :D LOL anyways . i followed my mom to do some errand's before going to neal & nigel's party . haha they are old tooo . just like meee . well my time is coming soon anyways .

or a part of the devil ? :)

the hot pink dress is no longer at the store . there's other colours and at 50% discount . but i want the pink one . :( and its either M or L soo it wouldnt fit me anyways . gahhh soo sad . getting ready with a few things then im going off . laterr !!

absolut vodka !

mwackxx ! xoxo's

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