Thursday, April 23, 2009

Always Come Back To You !

today was a total B to the O with the RED ! gooo REDS !! :) hahaha . anyways you know sometimes parents can be a pain in the neck but they are just doing it for the best for us . i mean i love my mom and dad so much and they then to worry so much about me when I'm totally fine . sometimes i wish they would trust me more in a way . like today my mom comes home saying she feels guilty pulling me out of srikl when i was doing fine there . but still love her tons ! :)

cause in a way i wasted 4 months and might end up graduating later due to the school starting term and bla bla . soo i mean i do admit the school i am in sucks like hell but i met interesting people i guess ? . she wanted the best for me eventhough i was doing well in srikl . parents .

another friend of mine bugging me to work ! haha . lol in a gym . hmmmm still thinking bout it though . tomorrow i have violin classes gahh teacher is so gonna kill me cause i didn't practice . hahaha i forgotten bout practicing . i miss cheer , running and playing volleyball with my mates . i even miss being in red house . miss my friends and everything about the school . but i have to move on now don't i ?

loving every minute of it ..... xoxo's !

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