Tuesday, April 7, 2009

be that way !

heyy :P sorry bout that small lil pic . dont know why i cant delete it . for some reason . and that was myra's fault . later I'll post one funny video hahaha xD . damn retarded . lol actually i met up with myra in school ( srikl ) then we watch the finals for the drama competition . went out to eat . then came back again to see some friends for awhile .

went to myra's place and played ping pong . wthh i lost xD damn it . hahaa . watch ppl swim haha and was thinking of going swimming early in the morning ( myra's idea ) hahaha . lol then we took he retarded video which I'll be posting later .

hahaha myraa !

I'm gonna bite you

I'm biting you !!

weeeeee ! hahaha ( all at myra's house )
laterr guys ! :P mwackx . and lastly .
happy birthday to me
happy birthday to me
lol myra thinks its sad. anyways
xoxo's !

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