Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the bright yellow dress !

sorry shanon it took so long for me to download pics . got kinda lazy hahaha . anyways here they are . i met him by coincidence haha in mph soo he wanted to camwhore . haven't seen him for a long time though . hmmm I'm sorry yea to my new maz friends . gahhh . looks like I'm changing again . I'm not sure if i can go out with you guys but I'll try yea ? :)

i have been doing errands for my mom for a couple of days already . seems to look like I'm here assistant or something . but soo far i didn't feel like camwhoring . haha see what happens yea ? you know what i came up with the most funny idea . of making my own clothes or bags for fun . well dad wants me to do that as a project sooo for these 2 months that's what I'll be doing hahaha . though i hate sewing soo much but I'm gonna try :D

this is the cause of watching to much of project runway :) . wish me luck ppl . if it turns out to be soo ugly or terrible I'm not gonna display it . well it will be up for voting yea ? later guys !

mwackxx !

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