Wednesday, April 22, 2009

feel it with your body !

hmmm today went to sunway . bought some stuff and went to see the new building of maz . lol its still not finish . life is pretty boring , hectic , retarded , surprising and soo on . made a couple of calls here and there . currently suffering from boredum . went to the gym to work out the fats . haha oh yea i have pics camwhore time :) just felt like it so i took the most obvious dress that i could find . dont laugh . for your eyes only ;) .

haha i admit i look kinda ridiculous . but anyways just for laughs . srikl's sports day is coming up cant wait to see cheer . :) make me proud reds ! haha . i think i'll be supporting them by wearing ALL REDS !! so i hope i'll be seeing people that i havent been seeing for well a month and some longer . nights !
xoxo's !

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