Monday, April 13, 2009

i strive from exit to exit

every single time i look at your face . i can tell by the look in your eyes . the way they sparkle and shine . the way you look at me is as if it is the sight of something so precious , delicate , fragile and yet so vibrant . observing each and every inch of beauty . sometimes it kills to wonder how sincere your love towards me . comes to wonder what is actually in your mind .

i want to be the person that you could turn to , share a laugh , face through difficulties , be there when your down , know that no matter how bad i look you know that there is always inner beauty , to know that no matter what you will always be happy with me . that is always hard to come by . because you'll start having doubts . there is no one in this world that is perfect . but it can always be close to perfection .

the oh so crazy people to think that love comes after its first sight . when its actually luring you to something else . when you realize that she's not what your looking for . you haven't come to realize that she has been there for you . her heart that is pure and true . then when you leave and come to think you made a mistake . it becomes to late . so appreciate the moments and if there is a wall breaking you . stay strong and you'll know that she is the one .

haha back to reality . had my bday party 2 days ago . haha it was fun while it lasted and would wanna thank those that manage to attend . haha it was a crazy day . went swimming lol got thrown here and there . myra , pei and i are the three some that had injuries at the legs. haha then i played with myra's crutches . goshh i look retarded when the pao's took a pic of it xD .

more pictures .. COMING SOON ! :)

nights !



Anonymous said...

Why do you say you look retarded? Do you think all retarded people look alike? Do all Malaysians look alike? What about Chinese? Slurs and stereotypes really hurt. Why use the word retarded when all it does is demean and offend people with special needs. Do you need to mock them just because of how they were born? Can't you see how wrong that is?

rina said...

i dont mean it that way . my word for retarded and that retarded is totally diff okay . only those that are close to me would understand . its more for people i know okayy .