Saturday, April 25, 2009

you brought so much into my life !

interesting day . i went for srikl's sports day . got to see everyone :) miss you guys tons though . but anyways


you guys make me so proud . told yea you can do it :) . now it is 4 years in a row . love yea lots babes ! to the other houses it was a good try i still think you guys are creative quite close dont cha think?

sorry i dont have much pics taken but i did manage to get this pic by random . :)
haha i was helping out red house here and there putting on ribbons ! :)
this was last year !

so as this one .
well im sorry i didnt manage to stay back till the end . i would love to though . but i had to do some errands with my mom . lol and i was damn happy hehe nobody has broken my record :) haha . i hope it will remain there for well at least 10 years perhaps ? . i wasnt even suppose to come at a last minute but managed to :)
it was great seeing all of you . hope we would keep in touch yea ? :D
anyways update later !
mwackxx !

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