Thursday, April 2, 2009

home coming !

i was soo random today .
rina , & jisoo

jisoo : hey rina , waitt a minute . why did you come to school today ? i thought you didnt take physics ?

rina : hey . and noo we have bio remember ?

jisoo : lol come lets see the timetable .

* checking , checking and later rina feels like a fool .

rina : ohh , oops . lol .

* ends up staying in school for the whole day .

jisoo : * started laughing

school was okay . i thought i was really gonna die of boredum cause all my form 4 friends are taking the exam . so i was like . great im alone . in the canteen . i'll study i guess . * 10 minutes later . form 5 's ashraf , hakeem and gang appears . heyy rina . what up ? then started talking . later went to the accounting room for the air cond . listen to some songs and played funny games .

later was chased out by mr. balan and soo we went to the park . sit there watch . chat here and there . played more funny games . actually kinda random but well we were bored . soo this continued for awhile then later the form 4''s finishes the exam and i head back to school .

today was sooo stupid cause i reminded the vet that i wanted to stop the bathing for my dog . also told my maid about it so that if she does come at least she can tell her not to . gosh i hate the stupid vet . because of them my dog got some skin allergy . and then he was shaved . -.- soo ugly . but now i have to take care of him .

my poor baby :(


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