Monday, March 30, 2009

but i wont let it die !

heyy ! first i would wanna wish well 12 hours before the twins birthday!

lol APRIL FOOLS ! :) haha
well now this makes me so miss my old school .
but what the heck . cant change anything now can i?
i have knowed you guys for a long time . since we were so young
we used to play catching . hide & seek remember :)
during our younger days that is
then now well we've all grown up from that . well not fully but partly
it'll be great to see you guys again .
anyways hope you'll enjoy your day
have a great party
and celebrate your years of being 16 !

you know i really dont know how i manage to get this

but this is when they were standard 6 :)

nigel & neal

and look at you now :D form 3


well this pic isnt my fault you didnt wanna smile :) form 3


anyways im not coming to school today and tomorrow .

cause i have no exam .

its been boring lately . not able to see everyone.

been to school yesterday and it was really boring .

just walking up and down .

laterr !


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