Thursday, November 27, 2008

a dream that turned into a nightmare .

heyy people !! :D firstly i wont be blogging for awhile i know you all will miss me xD lol kiddin anyways i will be going for a camp . and will be back ten days later . wish me luck , there will be leeches , mosquitoes , no air conditioner , no music , no phone and no nothing . just me and the tree's and myra .

i will update when i come back but a day after cause i will be dead tired . and will sleep for the whole day . okay soo back my day . it was okay , i stayed over myra's house for 2 nights and i watched the ring 2 and 12midnight and couldn't sleep for a long time . myra was pretty upset with me cause i kept on waking her up . that night itself i manage to sleep for 2 hours then woke again because of a nightmare . i haven't been having nightmares for a long time and now it just brings back memories when i was young . my eyes were swollen and itchy ( idk why ) .

later i talked to my friend till 4 in the morning and i took myra's comforter and slept on the floor with the lights on . later myra woke up cause she was freezing and she turned of the lights and took a towel and went to sleep . then woke up in the morning all tired , went to midv met up with all the form 3's and we watched twilight and bolt 3D . and believe me bolt was pretty boring . and for twilight they cut out all the kissing scene's except one lol . and even that one was short .
went to madam kwan's ate dinner with pei , myra , brenda , steph , sumae and myself . and now I'm here back in the house .

xoxo byee people ! will miss yeah!
ps : dont miss me too much :P

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