Saturday, November 15, 2008

happy birthday bro !

yesterday was my bro's birthday !
love yea lots though you annoy me at times lol

okay yesterday i went to 1u with my cousin to get the movie tickets for madagascar 2 !
well my bro wanted to watch it since its his DAY?
anyways then got the tickets and my cousin and i stayed there from 12 till 7 gosh we were bored
lol i manage to get nail polish and a shirt lol

see william i dared to say it ! :P

anyways then my parents came with my bro
then we watch his movie and ate sushi
later on we went home we gave his present
later on during the night so he was actually quite upset the whole day
thinking he wouldn't get anything so it was pretty hilarious looking at him
expecting something when we didn't give him anything
haha soo here are pictures . I'll blog again bout my day later yeahh !
sorry it wasn't much well my stupid com wont download the pics and

idk why but anyways i wanna say you got me confused .
idk what to say and don't know what to believe in
its like you want to restart everything single thing
you got me in tears that day i really am speechless
so i hope you will make up your mind . anyways see yea guys ! . love yea lots

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