Wednesday, November 5, 2008

the best thing that touches me

( i don't have to try to miss you cause i know i will ) :)

thanks for signing the shirt :P
really appreciate it

the dumbo took a picture of this . i was playing pokemon xD

well glad you'd liked it . i knew that you couldn't last . lol as curious as you always are .
at least i know that i will be remembered when i leave

okay today was a little boring . should have taken more pictures though .
miss malaysia tourism came to the school
more like a workshop .
haha it wasn't that bad i just liked the twister game . it was fun

i got pictures with 2 of them . with calista and sumae .
it was so hard to get a picture when everyone is crowding around them
taking pictures and getting autographs .

it was okay but though don't really know why i felt a little sad .
anyways i think I'm gonna perform for talent time xD
its been a long time since i did that
when i was std 5
since then i didn't join at all
nervous though but i know i will be joining with my friends
bet some of you will be enjoying seeing me sweat there . haha
anyways later gtg do stuff ;)
nights xoxo !

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