Saturday, November 8, 2008

party like a rockstar ! :)

sorry didnt blog yesterday went for a party :P

when i got to the twin's house , i spotted eelin and we started working out . there was like a mini gym in the house , kinda cute but i like the view from the gym . worked out like for maybe half an hour then we went down to eat .

it was fun well eelin and i were both unlucky . we got carried by shagen ( i think thats the spelling ) and thrown in the pool . he is damnn strong omg . then it took like 7 to 8 guys just to push him in the pool . then lin and i didnt bring any clothes well i just brought an extra shirt . so we sat with our wet clothes .

later on we all started dancing like as if the house was a club or something xD then the girls and some guys went to neal's room and start partying there . after some time it got stuffy , hot and tiring . so all of us stop . then later we watched a movie "distubia" but i've watched it already so i know what is gonna happen . later my dad came and i had to leave .

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