Thursday, November 6, 2008

my last goodbyes before i leave

i seriously feel sad right now . gosh i didnt say goodbye to so many people yet
im not ready to say goodbye jsut yet .
well not sure if anyone even cares but to me all of you mean so much to me
its what made me up , made me who i am
i feel like crying and i dont know why .

well you people might not see it but at the end of the day i wasnt at all happy to leave
well not just yet .
i know i'll miss you , i might go to prom .
so hopefully i will see some of you there .
i know you might think that you should go when your form 5 and stuffbut i just want to see what its like before i leave srikl
i might come next week on friday after school . well not sure if my parents allow it
but i hope i could .
it was great being friends with all of you . well i hope we could still keep in touch

okay back to my day .
hmmm we went for a workshop .
taught us how to use makeup and all
it was kinda fun actually
it made me forget about the me leaving srikl part
but after that knowing im going in 15 minutes and some ppl had to leave
brought the sadness in me . somehow .

then i went to see myra , then karen
lastly went to school
i have nothing much to say . well just not in the mood now . so later yeaa ! byee !

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