Saturday, November 22, 2008


today was tiring . i went to the temple cause my mom wanted to get some amulet . prayed for awhile and went to grocery shopping ! . lol it wasnt as fun haha . but it was okay for a day . went home and then went out again to work out . these few days i have to keep my body fit if i want to make it out alive in that camp lol xD

meet ninja !
oh yeahh i wanted to let something out . knowing currently i have a bloody spammer in my blog . dont know whats his problem is . and i think i know who he is . i can take a rough guess . hmmm cause if anybody knows who this fella is . he will be soo dead . but sadly he doesnt even have the balls to show his name . dont really know whats his problem is . seriously finding problem with me though .

go cyren's !

why so serious ?
lets put a smile on that face :D ;joker

well i know if this fella was to tell his name out . oh god his in a hell lot of problem man . anyways like i said passerby you have no balls to admit who you are so please dont talk . okay . i know you just want attention from me in a way . but sadly not working you know . i bet your super ugly , stupid , and friendless . im sorry but im not willing to be your friend at all . so please bug off! before i get someone to find you . and i got ways okay . dont test my patience .

okay back to reality . i am going to sleep soon . haha goodnight !

xoxo's !

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