Sunday, November 16, 2008

a dark cold morning

cold morning as i woke up my cousin was gone . damn didn't manage to say goodbye .
but it was fun being with you ! . haha come visit again yeahh ! we can have loads of fun
anyways i think my life will go back to normal . just the normal work out yourself ...

feel like a loner . I'm still not ready for prom . anyways i was suppose to go midv with
eelin , neal , nigel , andrien and the rest but i had to turn them down . for my parents its a big no yeah . now I'm again alone at home , i have to find something to do . i was thinking of getting a job but dad don't really encourage on it . well i have nothing else to do with my life .

those of you that still wanna go out with me make plans and no midv lol i will be gone on the
28th nov and will reappear on the 8th dec . so unless you people wanna wait that long then
okay . i still haven't went out with tons of people that i promised
oh goshh . knowing its my last year in srikl

well it sucks in a way but yet im still looking forward to it
i will get to lead a new life
its like a whole restart
back to square 1

i would rather keep certain things in me and the rest in srikl
along with all my memories .
well i will miss all of you
but i have to change . i need it
soo these last few weeks that i get to spend some time with you

before i change
i will visit but idk how frequent it will be
haha unless you wanna visit me that is :P
surprise me xD
anyways ima goo . kinda hungry
so later !

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