Thursday, November 13, 2008

ending and starting of a new life

today SUCKED !! seriously

but i apologize and would like to thank william and eugene . i wasn't in the mood today and i hope you'll forgive me . and to erm ( you know who you are ) i wanted to talk to you but just something tells me not to idk why . but later when i manage to see and talk to you memories started popping into my head . and i really couldn't take it so i don't blame you for me being upset . its just me .

though i walked off without my bag . well it didn't matter to me cause i just wanted to go somewhere alone and cry . well its stupid idk why I'm doin this its just killin me . but thankfully i will be leaving this stupid school with all my memories along with it . i will get to restart my life and be someone new .

don't take this the wrong way though . i will definately miss you and the others . but i just cant take being there anymore , i feel like i don't belong there . its like an angel in hell or the other way round . that's how odd it actually is . well i hope all this will be forgiven and forgotten cause i don't wanna remember any part of it . well maybe some parts i would want to keep in my head as wanted memories .

but thanks guys for spending the whole day with me eventhough i acted that way , you guys are the best ! :P I'm lucky to have guy friends like you . okayy later ! i gtg chat :D byee darlings lol

xoxo nights !

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