Sunday, December 7, 2008

OB rocks ! :D

hey people sorry i stop blogging for sometime . i went to a camp for 10 days and it was sooo fun . damn I'm gonna miss all my friends that i made there . they were a great group . hope we'll still keep in touch . gosh we had soo much fun together it just felt like it was just yesterday i just met all of you and now we have to separate our own ways . we went kayaking , hiking and camping . lol tons of fun my watch ( group ) is jerai .

and this is our group cheer

J . E . R . A . I

jerai's gonna fly sky high

we're not gonna turn around
because we're here in outward bound

we kayak , we hike , we camp all night

unbeatable , unstoppable , possible us .

a lil lame but it was fun . haha i'll miss shradda , nicole , tristan , shimri , shirinnah , william , sunny , ashwin , paras , daniel , michelle , dionne , deepak , vinod , joann , jimmy , jeffery , justin , shen yeow , kuan yin , zack , yuzam , mukrim , and many more .

keep in touch guys , love yea lots . next time round we will plan to go together okay :D . anyways i'll see if i can get some pictures uploaded .

jimmy and i

i know i look retarded but i was tired and im trying to smile lol xD

teddy , princess , wive , husband , shexy , king kong

aliens ! xD

we kayak to pangkor for 2 hours back and fourth . then we hike for 6 hours , rock climbing , camp in the forest , and soo on . we bath with cold water . lol there was even solo camping . haha . creepy but fun . i cooked my own food and it taste crunchy and sandy lol xD . don't blame me its hard to cook with the fire that just burns out by itself . ain't easy you know . anyways later nights :D

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