Wednesday, November 12, 2008

my flashbacks !

today i went out to sunway . though i got not pictures but i guess you ppl can live without it . anyways i went to school to give away my books and get my year book and soo on . then bla bla bla i went to sunway pyramid . and then book tickets and went to get something to eat . well we went to nando's cause eelin wanted to eat the chicken salad . then the movie started and she still haven't finish eating .

few minutes later myra came along and we sort of hurried eelin . we watched the most confusing movie and it was pretty boring guess what ( oo7 james bond ) lol then after the movie we sort of had nothing to do so went to baskin robbins and ate some ice cream . later neal and nigel left us so we went to the arcade .

then flashbacks !

haha all my volleyball memories came back. well i miss playing it and my players

i was browsing through the pictures of the times we used to spend together . it was fun . during the mssd level . here are a few pictures to give you a main idea

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