Friday, October 31, 2008

my dreams flushed away

gosh i love this dress . hmmmm TT but cant get it . gorgeous isn't it ?
yesh someone out there . who really cares about me . well not care but care to see me in it :D
can get me this dress . haha in my dreams
i know its nice . but I'll nvr get to wear it anyways .
sad face *

my parents aren't willing to get me this dress . yeshhh .
well it is kinda costly . though
rm ... . 00
whoever really loves to see me in this dress again in person
will know the price :D

sad sad sad . its nice but i cant have it .
hmmmph ! anyways I'm with my cousin
she'll be staying with me for awhile .

well my last year . sadly . got some of you to sign my shirt .
i might think about wearing it on Monday next week .
if i have the guts to .

well i cant believe everyone is leaving me and I'm doing the same .
this might be one of my last weeks in srikl as a student
i will visit .
but its whether you guys still want me there
anyways i hope I'll get to go for prom and see you guys there .

well nights ! . xoxo

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