Friday, October 10, 2008

help me and save me from myself

whats wrong with everybody . yeshh . idk what to say . its just damn pissin off . trying to run away when it keeps on coming back . maybe its just my problem . who knows . i don't think i can trust anybody anymore . looking at who the person really is . just annoys me .

well later i was walking back to school with pei and lin . and there was guys in a van waving and trying to take pictures of us which is pretty scary . after that we walked really fast to school . later i was studying and its so stupid cause it didn't really worked . well it worked when oooshi was teaching me . then later is when everybody came thinking its like some kind of party .

maybe im just pmsing . stupid hormones . i feel so angry today and i don't know why . so I'm sorry to those i might hurt or think of me badly . cause it seems like everything is annoying me today . and i just don't know how to hide it . lastly i want to wish my mommmy happy birthday .

happy birthday kam ! ( mommy ) LOL

i don't have the pictures yet . and today will be my last day blogging till friday comes when i can scream and say I'm free .

so you people will just have to wait :P .

see yea nights ! xoxo

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