Friday, October 10, 2008

pmr Pmr pMr pmR PMR !

this sucks . my life is like a book . lets take for example twilight . I'm only going through the bad side . though my bf's aren't vampire's or warewolves but just the story line . haha i bet those who knows me really well will be going . oh there she goes on with her twilight book . haha the story is nice to read but not nice to go through . if you know what i mean . pmr is just 2 days away . and I'm still blogging . LOL I'm so dead . I'm just worried for bm 2 . wonder if I'll do well . this is just scary .

i hope this week will pass soon . anyways look at the bright side . i will get to see prita again . haha i will burn my midnight oil :D right lin . hopefully it works . I'm quite confused with what anyone wants right now . I'm not sure what i want either . its like i want it but at the same time i don't . i cant make up my mind now . but hopefully after pmr i will get to solve my problems that are haunting me . anyways i gtg study again . later xoxo !

lin remember this LOL :D

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