Sunday, October 12, 2008

let faith lead the way .

haha back again . tomorrow PMR . hmmm now i cant decided what i want . thinking and thinking . I'm not sure if they would wait for my answer till pmr is over cause i really cant decided now . prom prom prom . i will have to accept and reject someone . well hopefully the right choice .
I'm gonna have to go prom shopping . :) my last year . its gonna end soon TT i have to say goodbye to everyone . well this must be the best years of my high school life . nothing will spoil it and if anything is stopping me from achieving what I'm trying to do . i will find other ways .
anybody interested to go prom shopping with me and lin after pmr ? contact me :)
don't wanna go with her alone . it wont be as fun .& to those that i care f0r . i hope you'll go for prom as well . i want to spend each and every moment i can with everyone here . though i know some of you guys wanna go when your form 5 but i hope you would go for me . well one of my last time I'll be seeing you guys in a while . i will visit and that's a promise :)
anyways gotta sleep and wake up early tomorrow . i would want to wish those who are taking pmr . goodluck ! :D
nights ! xoxo !

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