Saturday, October 18, 2008

bad and good

i got breaking dawnn!! :D LOL oh yea and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN !
today was okay i went to sunway in the morning to look for gifts and at the same time bought some stuff for myself . LOL . then later in the afternoon i went to john's little party . well not really a party but it was okay . then later lin , prita and i went shopping a little here and there . but the others went bowling then to the arcades . later on we went to john's house and we prank call ppl ;D pretty funny actually . and to lin dear . i hope you get to work your problems out . im here for you if you need me kay . :)
btw ppl my phone is still confisicated . i hope i can get my phone back . cause i really miss it . TT and its really annoying when i got all the phone numbers there and i cant call ppl . yeshh . anyways besides that at least i manage to live 2 days without my precious phone . its my baby and it will be kept for 2 BLOODY WEEKS DAMN IT !
i will repost this post again to show some pictures of my day . though i have to get it from my friends . you all will have to wait . :) haha thats all for today ! good night xoxo !

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