Wednesday, October 1, 2008


people meet spongebob ! spongebob meet people ! :D
i got him in bangsar village . :) there was spiderman too .
but i prefer SPONGEBOB ! haha i sound like a small kid
anyways he is so cute ! i cooked it myself . but it looks funny
so i don't think i wanna post it . but i can show you how it looks like
before that :) . after that is just study study and more study .
hmmm i just found the spongebob interesting today . LOL
don't laugh

GARY the snail



determination to make spongebob

go spongebob !

all of them together !
last but not the least PATRICK !
i will be going out tonight . well I'm not sure where I'm going . but i might update later.
I'll be back ! my dad is bugging me to study again .
bye !

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