Monday, October 20, 2008

mama mia !

Dont go wasting your emotion ,
lay all your love on me .

i love this line . it was one of the songs sang in mama mia ! :P
haha i watched it today with my mom . it was nice . not bad .
i just fine that part of the movie nice . haha the rest was great but thats the best

well to me .

hmmm whoever it is that send a post in my chatterbox . thanks . it meant alot knowing that i have friends that i can count on . well i know i do but at least now I'm sure of it .
sorry haven't been posting any pictures or anything . as you all know i don't have my phone
so cant take any pictures . but I'll try my best to get them .

well so far i only got one . lol from that day at sunway during our first outing after pmr . :) haha you'll have to live with it for awhile . so must i .
yesterday i went a lil bit of shopping . well for clothes and food :) lol . then i ended up in cold storage looking for food . while i was picking out an ice cream flavour . suddenly a guy in green was coming closer and closer well it didnt bother me until he was like inches away from me LOL . xD then as i turn i was shocked kinda said omg 3 times . haha it was brandon it seems haha . he thinks I'm gonna be fat after drinking all the chocolate , starbucks and after seeing me picking out the ice cream . LOL btw i am making apple crumble pie . that's the reason why i was picking out the ice cream . that's all .

good night ! xoxo

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