Wednesday, October 1, 2008


happy birthday myra !
your officially 15 . ( after so long ) :)

at least today is different than the other days . i went to bangsar village with my mom . got some stuff and we are gonna have barbecue tonight ! . (this is among my family) after that i went to one datuk's house , he's one of my dad's friends , to EAT . omg he was trying to make me sing xD . i was so shy . lol i cant imagine if my voice was bad . all the windows will crack .

I'm not sure cause I'm not a great singer . and these are some people I'm not comfortable singing in front of . anyways later they tried to get me to play the piano . well thank god we had to leave after that . but they were telling me " next time you'll sing for us okay ? " i replied " sure " in my thoughts ( never! ) . haha then got home change . gave philippe a call . then here i am :)

should have took some pictures but anyways . I'll update my pictures soon . hope he'll call me tonight. which i think he will . and you know what ? my speakers are dead . means no more music well just for a while but still . i was trying to get my mom to get me new ones but no . she was saying she's tired and my brother was complaining .

now i have to use my earphones . :( oh well . school is gonna start soon . and pmr will come . dum dum dummmm!!! . i gotta study now . see yea . xoxo ciao !

~ go cyrens ~

~ my little self ~

~ before my sprain ankle ~

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