Friday, October 17, 2008

bring it on !

haha PMR IS OVER ! but somehow im not as happy cause my phone has been confisicated so please people . im sorry if i dont answer . all cause mr.chew says its a rule . so annoying . seriously . its not even a rule if you look in the rule book . yesh . then they are gonna keep it for 2 weeks . if they loose it i tell you they are so dead .

that just ruins the whole pmr is over mood . people please leave your numbers at the chatterbox . as in the ones i talk to . then at least i can use my house phone or somethin . i went to sunway today with friends . guess what we watched . xD eagle eye was cool and the house bunny was pretty funny . i think i was laughing throughout the whole movie .

later we were walking around sunway looking for gifts but it didnt work cause nobody agreed with each other . so yea . lunch was pretty awkward between my friends and i cause i really didnt expect bikini to come . then the others were just staring . haha . well at least the promise was kept . anyways . i actually cant sleep thats why im blogging this late . so trying to find something to do to make me sleep .
anyways good luck in exams to the other forms :) haha i feel so free , but i wonder what i'll be doing . gd night ! xoxo

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