Tuesday, October 21, 2008

everything became all right when you were there beside me

another ending to what i was suppose to believe in . my promise to myself . no more till i find the right one . and not just any other . don't know why some people are piss at me . well it wasn't my fault . i didn't ask for this . though it was short . well maybe it wasn't meant to be . sometimes i wonder how i can get myself into these kind of messes . hmmm come to think of it .

i know what you all must be thinking . whether i have a problem at this . now lets not look at that . things will change and nothing will be the same nor does it last forever . so I'll be continuing my life as it suppose to be . well i bet god is setting up lots of surprises for me . before i turn 16 .

well lets change the subject . gosh it was really boring in school well the good thing is that i got my phone back . well at least today wasn't all that bad . then watch a very boring movie . then went home . i ate cotton candy . and now blogging . i don't believe that i will be saying this but thanks mr.tan for my phone . if not i will be waiting for another 10 days for it . and i don't think i can wait that long .

there goes my dignity . haha oh well i don't understand myself sometimes so i don't expect you people to really understand me . I'm just weird i guess xD . anyways i don't think i will be coming to school cause i will be making cookies with my mom . so enjoy guys !

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