Monday, September 29, 2008

an early morning's coffee

i woke up early and idk why xD . anyways so i figured to just blog early though the day haven't end yet but who cares . i might edit it and add in more stuff to it . anyways i got up my brother isn't going to school today ( which isn't fair ) then hmmm nothing much to say really . but i saw this book and they have verses of love or something like that . I'll give you a few

i miss prita . its not so lively as before

what's in a name ? that which we call a rose
by any other name would smell as sweet
so romeo would , were he not romeo called .

william shakespeare ( i don't get this one )

the way you let your hand rest in mine ,my
bewitching sweet heart,fills me with
happiness . it is the perfection of confiding
love . everything you do , the little unconscious
things in particular , charms me and increases
my sense of nearness to you, identification
with you, till my heart is overflowing .

woodrow wilson

when she saw him , she felt a stab in her
heart that persons who have never been dazed
by love take for a metaphor.

abel hermant

the best and most beautiful things in the
world cannot be seen or even touched.
they must be felt by the heart .

helen keller

all this stuff is sweet . but there is more but I'm not gonna type it all out . xD not like anyone would read it anyways . I'll blog later after my day so tata for now !

continue ...

my day haven't ended yet . i met up with philippe in the morning . to add some spice to my life . LOL a little girl's secret . hmmm i dance with him at first . then later went swimming . and camwhore a little in the playground . sorry i don't have the pictures with me yet . but I'll get them soon . it was fun being with him . throughout my studying days when there is only 12 more days to sit for PMR . I'm officially together with philippe .but not telling you all anything more . its nice to have someone who cares about me . though now i cant really text him due to my unpaid bills . its really annoying but he and i have to bare with it .

i just have to concentrate these few days and after that I'm free from all this study ( for awhile ) then I'll be off to my new school next year . so I'm going to attend every event that will be held in the school . :D might even try out for talent time with the beta's xD hopefully . anyways that's all for tonight .

see yea !

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