Sunday, June 1, 2008


i woke up after my mom knock on my door .. i was still dead on my bed after half an hour , i manage to get up and go for my class .. well one thing is that the people in my class is kinda weird haha .. i dont think i actually mix with the people there .. anyways after that we had a lunch break .. everybody going their seperate ways .. and i alone was walking along the shoplots on my way to starbucks.. gosh it was creepy nearly all the shoplots are closed maybe 20% of the shoplots there are open .. i was walking as fast as i could just to get over it .. then started dailing friends to have lunch with me but none made it .. soo i felt like some loner haha after my lunch i was walking soo fast with my flats xD reach the class on time and didnt wanted to spend anymore time outside .. after the class has ended i got home watch some tv .. studied abit here and there and now blogging .. :P well thats all i got soo far.. i miss brandon , myra and the others .. anyways hope you guys enjoy a little part of my life :D

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