Friday, June 20, 2008

so long and goodnight

i thought i believe in something .. believe that i was in love and trust but it all went away when i gave all that away .. now that i'm no longer yours i have to start getting on my feet and forget about you .. although I'm still confused and don't know what the heck is going on but i guess it doesn't matter anymore .. it can remain a mystery for me ..

so goodbye .. we have done lots of things together but my life has to move on .. putting the blame on someone like you is useless .. i got advice from friends and their reply was not to be with him .. firstly he is young so young guys mature later .. secondly you shouldn't give all your trust to him so fast as he or she has to gain it before you start anything .. well it was nice at first but now its nothing ..

we were once together
but then we realise that it wouldn't last forever
after believing
things didn't went the way it should
we wish our goodbyes
and hope for a better future

this is the last chapter of my book and now a new chapter begins for me .. for all the things i will have to face .. dont feel bad for me cause this is a lesson that is learned ..

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